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ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL A Custom Approach RKG 3D specializes in being unique BY AMANDA MCGROR Y- D I XON Amanda McGrory- Dixon is a Denver-based freelance writer. She can be contacted at www. This sign was created to use as a promo- tional piece for RKG 3D Creations. The eye of the octopus is a cat toy from the dollar store. A L L PHOTOS COUR T E SY OF R KG 3D C R E AT IONS . shop in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada, has been active in the creative industry. During this time, Grealy has become skilled in computer-aided drafting, 3-D animation and graphics design, but four years ago Grealy was looking for new cre- ative opportunities when he branched out into the sign industry. Grealy has now owned RKG 3D for the past two years, and given Grealy's creative background, 3-D has been the perfect avenue to expand his capabilities, he says. "This is a way for me to combine all of my various interests into one area but still not be confined creatively," Grealy says. "I also enjoy the impact 3-D signs have on my clients. When I make a sign for my clients and see the smile on their faces, it sure is rewarding." Recently, Grealy created a pirate- themed promotional piece to help cli- ents understand all that goes into 3-D signage, he says. While presenting pro- motional pieces also provides an impres- sive sales tool, it gives Grealy the chance to explain the steps involved in creating these signs. Often 3-D signage is expen- sive, and the cost can be shocking to some clients. But showing the custom, detailed work that it takes to create 3-D signage can help clients justify the cost. "Some of the 3-D signs can really get F up there in price," Grealy says. "When you tell people the price, they're often shocked, but if you have a sample, you can educate them as to why that is. The other reason is I just like doing sample pieces to stretch my own skills and try new things while showing clients my capabilities." When Grealy first started this sign, which was made from 15-lb. HDU board, he wanted to incorporate pirate coins, but after some experimenting, he decided SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS • November 2012 • 81 or the past 20 years, Ryan Grealy, owner of RKG 3D, a dimensional sign

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