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epoxy Abracadabra Sculpt. Originally, the octopus's legs were modeled so that they all came down and wrapped around the coin and bottom ribbon, but Grealy decided it didn't have that punch. For more impact, Grealy cut the legs into smaller pieces and placed them around the top, which added some flair. Although the project mostly ran smooth, Grealy did run into one prob- lem when creating the ribboning, he says. With the EnRoute 4 software that was used to model the sign, two paths are cre- ated and coded, but Grealy's router had trouble with the codes. The fold in the ribboning ended up being so thin that they fell, and Grealy had to remodel the ribboning in the software in order for it to work properly. "It's trial and error," Grealy says. "Some things, like the coin, went with no problem at all and came out exactly like I thought. Then, you run into other problems where on screen the ribbons looked fine, but as soon as the router was done with them, they fell apart." As Grealy looks to the future, he is excited to continue growing his business in the 3-D signage market and plans to keep experimenting with the integration of sculpturing and routed work, he says. Each piece of 3-D signage Grealy cre- ates is unique. While a certain amount of technology is involved with the software and router, Grealy is especially proud of the artistic touch he gives to each sign. "These signs are interesting because it's melding of technology with good old- fashion elbow grease and hand tooling," Grealy says. "I don't want people to look at my work and think I could pump out five or six of those same signs because they're done on a computer. I don't want that look. I want them to look aged with almost a hand-tooled look." SDG SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS • November 2012 • 83 Grealy also enjoys making 3-D signs because of the impact they make. This is an accompany- ing sign to the Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop.

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