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W ith its high perceived value, it's no wonder that embroidery is a cor- nerstone of the apparel decorating industry. To explore this time hon- ored and stalwart discipline, Printwear and the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP) have partnered for this comprehensive survey completed by those in the trenches. This survey was conducted through electronic mail via and complied with all CAN SPAM act laws and NBM's privacy pol- icy, as found here: Respondents were selected from the Printwear subscriber database and NNEP members. All survey recipients were provided the same version of the survey. A total of 643 responses were received, and no less than 323 responses were received on any one question. Some survey totals equal more than 100 percent because readers check all of the cat- egories that apply. We hope that this information will help lend insight into the commercial embroidery market and stitch up some of business using the findings of this report. Stitch by Stitch The Commercial Embroidery Market by the Numbers THE MOST POPULAR ITEMS TO DECORATE, IN DESCEND- ING ORDER, ARE: 1. Polos/sport shirts 2. Bags 3. Caps/headwear 4. Sweatshirts/hoodies 5. Jackets 6. T-shirts 7. Blankets/quilts 8. Button-ups/wovens 9. Uniforms/jerseys 10. Patches 64 || P R I N T W E A R N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 7 THE TO DECORATE ING ORDER, ARE: THE TO DECORATE ING ORDER, ARE: P R I N T W E A R N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 7 Of all respondents surveyed, 51 PERCENT report that their commercial embroidery shop operates out of their home... 51% 39% ...with online operations coming in second at 39 PERCENT.

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