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68 || P R I N T W E A R N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 7 SUSTAINABLE CUTAWAY Cotswold offers 2.0-Ounce Pre- mium Cutaway, item No. 720. The cutaway is a soft, dense, nondirec- tional nonwoven. The 2-oz. weight is recommended for approximately 20,000 stitches in a moderately dense design. It's also suitable for support of delicate fabrics. This cutaway is made of 60/40 polyester/rayon us- ing a wet-laid process. The company says it helps achieve the "tambourine skin" tension in the hoop that is necessary for proper registration. This stabilizer is made of a significant percentage of post-consumer recycled polyester fibers and a sustainable cellulose source. Visit: Call: 877-309-3553 MAGNETIC HOOP The 5.5-inch Mighty Hoop, part No. HOOMH-55, offered by GSG is a magnetic hoop. The outer ring adjusts for different thick- nesses through magnetic force. The company says the hoop also reduces hoop burn because of the way it grips the fabric. The size works for adding left-chest designs to shirts and jackets and the pockets of tote and duffle bags. The inside dimension of this hoop is 5.3" (135 mm). The sewing area depends on the brand of the machine. It ranges from 4.3" to 4.8" (110 mm to 122 mm). Mighty Hoops are avail- able for ZSK, Tajima, Barudan, SWF, Brother, Melco, Toyota, Happy, and Inbro. Visit: Call: 800-366-1776 ADD-ON LASER The E-Laser II offered by BITO is an add-on integrated laser that can be attached to most any make or model of embroidery machine. A technician is not needed for installation as it does not require any me- chanical or electrical changes to the em- broidery machine. It is controlled through a combination of hardware and software that detects the needle-bar movement and synchronizes the frame movement ac- cordingly. Up to seven power settings can be saved and the laser is now positioned perpendicular to the substrate. Additional improvements include vented flow of air, internal and external suction hoses, and a protective enclosure as well as a laser beam stop access panel. This CO 2 laser comes in 30 or 50W and has a smaller footprint than its predecessor. It measures 19.3" X 11.1" X 49.3". It uses single phase 220/240VAC plus-or-minus 10 percent to 50/60Hz plus-or-minus two percent. The E-Laser 2 uses the embroidery machine's frame to move the laser beam into its programmed positions. The beam delivery system is attached next to the needle one position. The work area is the same as that of the embroidery machine, and the speed of the laser will match the stitches per minute of the machine. Visit: Call: 866-248-6872 EMBROIDERY SHOWCASE

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