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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2017 • 29 people's behavior change when the pros- pect of receiving a reward is at stake. People will act in a prescribed manner to avoid the consequences of a punish- ment or sanction, too. The person with the capacity to control the distribution of recognition —both positive and nega- tive—has great power. The Power of Just Being The last three power bases—connec- tive, tenure and personal—derive their influence potential from just who the person is. Haven't we all, at some point in our lives, did something we were asked to just because he's the nephew of the president? Or, because she has been with the company since it operated out of a basement and then grew to into the giant enterprise it is today? Then there are the people who can make a room light up the moment they enter it. Of the seven bases, personal power is the one we would most like to lead from and probably the one we don't con- scientiously think to develop. Getting people to genuinely like you is difficult and takes time. Heck, we don't even have to utter a word to have our intentions misunder- stood. I like the lesson learned in the saying "silence is never misquoted, but is often misinterpreted." And personal power is the most fleeting of the bases. It takes only one "ah, crap" to wipe out a hundred "way to go's." Peak Season for Office Politics The moment a business undergoes change is when you can expect workplace politics to kick into high gear. The more significant the changes, the more sophis- ticated the power plays become. In this age of mergers, acquisitions and "right- sizing" of organizations, the survivors of 1-909-718-0248 Industrial-grade UV Flatbed Printer • Build-in ADA & 3D Tac�le Func�on • Table Size 25.6˝ x 21.7˝ (650 x 550 mm) • Highest Throughput up to 62.2 �²/hr (5.78 m²/hr) • Max. of 11.8˝ (300 mm) Media Thickness • Dual LED Lamps • Patented Color Varnish Func�on Offers Astonishing Print Quality with Surpassing Throughput LabelExpo Asia • Dec 05~08 • Booth #E2-H55 VISIT stando CALL 775.829.7272 L E D S TA N D O F F S signdg-magazine-3rdpg-4.625x4.875-171101_A.indd 1 10/4/17 8:11 AM

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