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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2017 • 35 serve. This insight should include spe- cial needs like white printing and any special applications for a particular type of media. This investigation should also provide an understanding of the volume required to produce this work, not just the total volume, but how fast will the work need to be turned around. With this insight the answers to which bells and whistles should be easily answered." SDG: How fast is fast enough? Wozny explains that EFI and other vendors are always exploring the devel- opment of faster machines, so it would be strange to think of anything as "fast enough." "We do work to strike a balance between throughput, efficient workflow to reduce make-readies to keep the printer printing and the amount of labor needed to operate a production line on the VUTEk HS125 Pro press. But we will always look for ways for those technolo- gies to print faster, commensurate with systems to handle feeding and delivery at faster speeds." Kevin Currier, business develop- ment manager of digital products at Novus Imaging (an M&R Company), If the output mix is fairly even or the shop has future growth plans for both roll-to-roll and flatbed printing, a hybrid printer like the Novus Synergia makes the most sense, says Kevin Courier. (Image courtesy of Novus Imaging) "For roll-to-roll printing there is nothing quite like the new 64" wide Océ Colorado 1640 printer utilizing Canon's new UVgel technology," says Paar, adding that the unit offers impressive image quality, a low cost of operation, a wide application range, unique automa- tion features and print speeds exceeding 1,700 square feet/hour. (Image courtesy of Canon Solutions America Inc.) Kevin Currier of Novus Imaging suggests that "If the output is mainly rigid with short runs of flexible material, the Ultra Series offers the best solution with a full upgrade path from entry level to a high-speed device." (Image courtesy of Novus Imaging)

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