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November '17

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2017 • 37 "Durst only offers UV and aqueous —which is used primarily for packaging applications," reports D'Amico. Paar explains that careful consider- ation must be made in matching the ink technology to the substrate for any given application and have it still be cost effec- tive. "Different ink technologies each have their strengths and weaknesses. Eco- and low-solvents have been a main- stay in the outdoor durable market for years, but competing technologies have since emerged such as latex which was seen as a great alternative to the unpleas- ant smell and harmful VOC's attributed with solvent printing. Latex however required more energy to evaporate the water from the ink compared to the more highly volatile solvents. Both remain very well suited for vehicle wraps." Paar adds that for quick turn work UV curable inks continue to be very popu- lar since they do not need to outgas like solvent inks do and therefore can be immediately finished. "The new UVgel ink technology that Canon recently launched is a variation on traditional UV inks but of a gel consistency rather than a liquid. The significant difference is there is no dot gain with UVgel inks and the ink drops remain where they land. Subsequently, much more ink can be deposited before being cured resulting in much higher print speeds. The ink film thickness is also very thin resulting in an ink savings of 30 to 50 percent compared to latex or solvent." SDG: Would multiple (slower) printers be better, or one super-fast printer? "An argument can of course be made for both scenarios," Courrier says. "The idea of redundancy is always comfort- ing, especially if you are working with a manufacturer who is slow to respond with support. No one wants to have their printer down with no alternatives avail- able. On the other hand, the right high- throughput printer is appealing from a cost of labor point of view, just make sure your supplier provides the kind of response you need." SDG "If roll-to-roll is what drives the business, a dedicated roll printer is the best choice as it offers increased mechanics and fea- tures to handle flexible materials of all sorts. The Ultra 3200 fits this need very nicely," Novus' Currier suggests. (Image courtesy of Novus Imaging) "Our Rho roll printers include the Rho 312R Plus (pictured) and the Rho 512R Plus," says D'Amico. (Image courtesy of Durst Image Technology US)

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