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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2017 • 41 Be certain that you are printing to the correct side of the paper. Store sheets consistently in the same direction in your cabinet as they will be loaded in the printer so that they will always be inserted in the printer properly each time. Keep the work area clean and free from extraneous non-job related items. Clutter distracts from focusing on the job at hand. Ink Check the printer management soft- ware to assure there is sufficient ink to complete a job and always keep a spare set of cartridges around if a color needs to be replaced. Run a nozzle check and cleaning cycle prior printing the first image of the day to ensure that the printer is functioning properly and depositing sufficient quan- tities of ink. Printheads can dry out, especially if the printer is run infrequently or the print room is particularly dry. Run the printer at a minimum of twice each week. Purchase a room humidifier and keep the humidity in the print room at a sufficient level to prevent drying, (see Figure 10). Optimal humidity in the work area also subdues electrostatic charges that can cause misfeeds. Flight Check It's a good idea to keep a "flight check" list posted on the wall next to the printer and review it prior to printing. Remember, there are numerous steps in both the hardware and software that produce a perfect print. An itemized list will help ensure that each step is carried out in its proper sequence. Review A careful review of the work during each phase of the workflow will help discover potential mistakes and trouble- shoot them before the work moves on to the next phase. Preparation and system- atic methods are the key to a successful, trouble-free workflow and the absence of Mr. Murphy from the workplace. SDG Figure 8: The print dialog box is where Murphy's Law reigns supreme because there are so many choices. Figure 9: The print menu option in Photoshop and Corel Draw enables you to reverse the image. Figure 10: Purchase a room humidifier and keep the humidity in the print room at a suf- ficient level to prevent drying. (Photo courtesy of

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