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November '17

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48 • November 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS Rolled panels for a particular job are stored upright and grouped together. Any contour cut graphics are laid flat and stacked together on a separate production table awaiting installation. Installation One side of our in-house checklist is an Installer Checklist. The day before or morn- ing of installation the installer(s) should review the wrap layout with the designer or salesperson to confirm any requests, parts removal or extra parts that are being wrapped. The installers should also double check that all panels are labeled and ready, that the installation carts are fully stocked and the installation space is clear and clean. Proofs of the vehicle wrap should be printed and ready to take out to the installation space. Those proofs and the install checklist should be the only paperwork that goes to the back shop. We keep all other paperwork in the folder in production so artwork, payment slips and invoices don't get lost or damaged in the back shop. It's important that a vehicle is dropped off on time, clean and ready to start installation. On our checklist we can note the drop off time and the condition it's in. This informa- tion is important as we take into account any delays that may push back completion or increase our labor costs. Vehicle inspection notes prior to wrap- ping, which includes the paint condition and any damage, are also noted on the checklist. Any parts removed are also noted to ensure they are put back on when the install is com- plete. Post Install The last item on our wrap workflow is a post install checklist. This is simply a check- list of reminders for the installers to be sure the vehicle has been post heated, vinyl edges are checked, bubbles have been popped, the vehicle has been wiped down and photos of the completed wrap have been taken. We also have created a post wrap care sheet that we place in the customer's vehicle. This reminds them to bring the car back in for a free inspection and covers the post wrap washing instructions. SDG Vinyl wall racks are a great way to store printed media while it's drying. A simple dry erase board tracks jobs that are in production and organizes the current installs for the week. Clearly labeling rolls of media that are ready for installation makes it easier on the installer to choose their panels.

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