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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2017 • 53 "It's also important to set three edges of the graphic for registration of the panel before applying 50 percent overlapped strokes to the body of the graphic. This will ensure proper conformability along with minimizing gloss bands." Minus the need for high temperatures, Medved says installation of his pan- oRama Walk&Wall products is much easier, though hands-on still plays a big role. "We recommend using your fingers or a soft felt squeegee to get the graphic into the cracks and crevices, and then running over the surface with a hard rubber roller to ensure good adhesive contact and make sure the edges are well-adhered," he says. "The surface needs to be in good condition, dry, clean and above 50 degrees F for a good installation." Longevity of hard surface wraps varies, with unprinted products such as Arlon's DPF films having an outdoor durability rating of seven years, and between six months and a year on flat surfaces, vertical masonry surfaces or even freeze- and-thaw zones. Hommes says adding Envision overlaminates can provide an enhanced two-year warranty on horizontal applications, while unprinted Envision has an expected (but unwarranted) performance life of up to 11 years on its own on flat surfaces. "For vertical surfaces, we say two to three years, and for walking surfaces, one to three months," Medved says, of Continental Graphix films. "But with our removable adhesive, the graphic comes off in 12- to 48-inch strips, and on rough surfaces, removal is quite easy." Removal of other wraps typically involves reapplication of heat, though the wrap film will usually peel away in a single piece. If there's any adhesive left over due to the extremely high tack of a product such as Arlon's DPF line, Bui suggests the use of an orange-based citrus degreaser to remove any residue. SDG Large-scale, high-impact effects are pos- sible on even very large outdoor surfaces using rough-surface wraps. Experts suggest a thorough cleaning job to prep surfaces, to ease application and also to help with the eventual removal of time- sensitive ads. Wrapped by Off The Wall Signs and Graphics. Wrapped by Off The Wall Signs and Graphics.

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