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November '17

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56 • November 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS to the roadway in direct view of their line of sight, Freeman says. "Proper copy size, layout design and color combinations ensure successful vis- ibility of any wayfinding sign," he says. "Keep wayfinding messages clear and concise and choose contrasting color combinations that promote legibility." The Sign's Shape and Size The size and shape of a sign, such as if it is rectangular or square, are other important factors, says Natalie Whited, vice-president of marketing at Orbus Exhibit & Display group, a division of SignPro Systems, a trade show supplier and manufacturer in Woodridge, Illinois. "Size is a key question," Whited says. "It would depend on the environment. What kind of environment and needs do you have? You almost have to have a needs analysis done in order to suggest the right solution." When creating the sign, getting the dimensions to be precise is critical for the installation, Whited says. "If they are off a little bit, they can screw up everything from the presenta- tion to the end environment," Whited says. The height of the sign may be limited by town or city code, or the sign may need to follow a minimum size require- ment in the case of a stop sign or parking sign, Brown says. "It is very important for sign compa- nies to know the zoning requirements and restrictions of municipalities where they plan to install wayfinding signage," Freeman says. "Before designing a way- finding signage plan, research sign size restrictions and placement requirements." Considering the physical area where signs will be installed also is important to retain their visibility factor. "Since exterior wayfinding sig- nage is placed in an outdoor environ- ment, signs can become quite large and impressive in appearance," Freeman says. "Architectural design elements from nearby buildings can be incorporated into their designs, creating an aesthetic unity and overall captivating and interac- Marquette Savings Bank. (Photo courtesy Howard Industries) An internally illuminated directional cabinet for the University of Missouri to help with exterior wayfinding. (Photo courtesy of Takeform) A post-and-panel directional wayfinding sign at Pride Pak, Inc., in Medina, New York. (Photo courtesy of Takeform)

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