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68 • November 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL Finding the Right Designer Fit The top three hiring questions to ask your sign design candidate Since 1985, Matt Charboneau has owned and operated Charboneau Design and Consulting in Davenport, Iowa. He is a con- sultant and designer for monument, chan- nel letter and pylon sign projects. His book, "The Pre-Sale Sign Survey Field Guide—The how-to guide on sign surveys for the profes- sional sign salesperson" can be ordered on his website: or by emailing him at Matt@ B Y M A T T C H A R B O N E A U Designing Award-Winning Signs large-format banner design. It's certainly not like designing an ADA sign, and it is miles away from designing a vehicle wrap. It's really in a world all by itself. What happens in the world of a graphic artist that causes them to focus their skillset on three-dimensional sign design? Did they slip on the ice and hit their head real hard one day and suddenly say to themselves, "Hey, now I want to design signs that are 50 feet tall!" Seriously, what event occurs that forces them to push beyond their own capabilities? What causes a great designer to expand their skillset beyond the acceptable and into the exceptional? So, your candidates are lining up and you have interviews planned for the day. Do you plan to ask them the same dry bor- ing questions that cover everything from aluminum thickness to the best PDF conversion settings? (Yawn)… And the answer is yes, of course you are. You will probably ask them questions that force them to expand on an event or story where they handled a big project that was a success, or something like that (yet another yawn), but yes, you will ask those questions and a few more that really don't tell you what you need to know about the candidate's motivation to be a designer. So, It's Time to Find Another Sign Designer You have a virtual stack of electronic resumes and portfolio links sitting on your desktop, and it's time to sort through the resumes, the recommendations, and the endless channel letter drawing examples to figure out who in the pile truly understands what Outdoor Electric Sign Design is really all about. After years in the business, you already know that find- ing a sign designer is not as easy as it sounds. Sign design, especially Outdoor Electric Sign Design ( OESD) is not like the world of print media design where business cards and printed graphics are created. It's not like T-shirt design, nor is it like

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