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rv-pro.com December 2017 • RV PRO • 25 it's an ongoing process to find, train and retain the right people for this work." Steinbring says the process of sourcing new talent is "never ending," advertising online and working with local employment agencies to find employees with both the right skills and the right mindset. "We are extremely picky about the types of personalities that we bring into the team," he says, noting that most his staff has been with the dealership for five to 10 years, or more. Families not named Steinbring play a critical role on staff, including a father/ son team in sales – Lee Probert, age 82 and still working six full days a week, and his son, Rich, and a father/daughter team in the service department, for example. "New staff have to fit the values we have as an organization and fit with our clientele and our other employees," Steinbring says. "These employees have been critical to our success over the years, so that's very important to us." Carrying on a Legacy One might expect that carrying on a family business cur- rently in its third generation and with a fourth in the wings might be a heavy burden. But, somewhat surprisingly, Stein- bring doesn't think of it in that way. Asked if he feels that weight – or carries expectations of the next generation – he responds without hesitation. "It does go through my mind, of course, that I'm carrying on the great work that has been done over the years to get us to this point, but I don't feel it as pressure," he says. "Of course, I sure wouldn't want that success to not continue. But I do this work because I love it personally, and I have loved it since I started back in junior high. "And, as far as the next generation, I don't want them to do it because they have to, or to just have a paycheck. I want it to be a passion," he adds. "I let them know that, but I'm sure to not pressure them to make a certain decision." When asked about the future of the business, and how his leadership might differ from previous generations, he maintains, essentially, a mentality of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." "Honestly, I don't do a whole lot differently than they did," Steinbring says. "They instilled honesty and integrity in me from Day One, and I hope I'm continuing that. Frankly, what we're doing right now is working. We have a great team of very seasoned employees who really genuinely care and want to do what's right. 800-405-2966 • info@trimlok.com • www.trimlok.com Corporate Offices 6855 Hermosa Circle Buena Park, California 90622 Midwest Manufacturing 1642 Gateway Court Elkhart, Indiana 46514

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