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rv-pro.com December 2017 • RV PRO • 59 One of the elements of that decision was the size of the target market. We were taught to evaluate the advertising spending based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM). More specifically, was the cost per thousand target market (CPM TM). On that basis, we gauged the effectiveness of advertising on the cost per thousand target market by looking at the number of impressions we made at those cost levels. Pretty involved, huh? TW3 – That was the way this was. So much for the advertising planning of a newly-minted MBA. That was the way of advertising back in the day. Fast forward to the RVDA meeting that was held in Orlando. I hesitate to recall how many years ago that was. At the Orlando meeting, I was running a 20 Group meeting. One dealer shocked those attending the meeting by announcing he had stopped advertising. He went on to say he had seen no difference in the level of traffic having stopped. Later, one of the group members announced he had cut way back on Yellow Page advertising. The dealer no longer bought the big (and expensive) display advertisement, instead opting for the simple one-line entry to maintain presence. Who really uses Yellow Pages today, anyway?! Those two events were, in my mind, the beginning of the shift in advertising. The USA Today no longer hangs from hotel door knobs. USA Today once appeared on my hotel door knob each morning. Now it's super thin and you must go to the lobby to get one. Newspapers today struggle for profitability and rele- vance. Anyone advertising today in a paper should have a solid and compelling reason. And those reasons are fewer and fewer. The same is true for most broadcast and print media. Direct mail may still have a purpose. But for years now, Constant Con- tact, MailChimp and similar mass email programs have largely replaced the old "snail mail" for direct mail. It's cheaper and gives direct feedback in terms of "opens" and clicks. Several items of advertising remain constant. You can't fight Santa. The most you can hope for is to do some early merchandising that suggests stocking stuffers. And you can use the holiday time for training and getting ready for show season. There will always be a lull around the time school starts. Mom www.nucamprv.com Your adventure begins with nüCamp RV, makers of the best recreational vehicles and truck campers built in America. T@B Teardrop Campers Light-weight and ready to go, the T@B takes teardrop camping to the next level with innovative systems and components skillfully laid out to maximize space for a roomy interior. T@G Teardrop Trailers With the quality you've come to expect from nüCamp and the features you love in a compact platform, the T@G and T@G XL continue to bring smiles to campers from sea to shining sea. RV-PRO-VQuarter-Ad-11-2017.indd 1 11/11/17 8:47 PM Reach more RV Pros! EMAIL ADVERTISING INQUIRIES TO: ryan@nbm.com (800) 669-0424 X 216 www.rv-pro.com Meet RV PRO's Account Executive Ryan Moorhead

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