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64 • RV PRO • December 2017 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S What makes the Hutterites special is their dedication to craft and quality, according to Wipf. Other colonies in the U.S. will act as suppliers for components like prefabri- cated cabinetry. While the woodwork may be different from past TrailManor models, it won't be a major departure. As the fandom shows, the past design is proven. It's the caliber that's improving, according to Wipf. For Hutterites, the RV industry is an undiscovered country. However, they've already charted waters with durable prod- ucts, and prove to be self-sustaining with decades of manufacturing know-how imparted to generations. Wipf, who worked in a managerial position at Pepsi for 30 years, was orig- inally a Hutterite. His family left the colony when he was 15 years old, but his brothers came back. One of them, Joseph, runs the colony now. That's how Wipf began work at sup- plier OES Industries as a sales manager. ("OES" actually stands for the Hutterite's Old Elm Spring Colony.) Now, Wipf has been tasked to manage the manu- facturing of another kind. "They're going to do a fantastic job," says Cleo Eickhoff, wife of former owner Bob Eickhoff. She's optimistic about the company's future in Hutterite hands. "They're going to make TrailManor shine again," she says. "The hard work – aside from spending some serious dollars – is already done," says Wipf. "If we can get the inspection process down for each station, I think we can come up with a good product." As of late October, adhesive company Chemique has been tapped to help install one of the work stations, and three sup- pliers have submitted price quotes for prefabricated frames. Before Wipf was asked to oversee pro- duction, he was "coasting to retirement," but he says the promise of TrailManor's rebirth was too strong of a draw. Lazydays Goes Public After Acquisition In late October, Lazydays RV Center and its affiliates were acquired by Andina Acquisition Corp. II for $114.6 million. As far as the NASDAQ is concerned, the combined company resulting from the merger will be renamed Lazydays Hold- ings, appearing on Wall Street under the ticker name LAZY. For those familiar, the retailer has been anything but. Tampa, Fla.-based Lazydays has become one of the world's largest RV dealerships, with more than 2,500 new and preowned RVs in several locations, including Tucson, Ariz., Loveland and Denver, Colo., and 300-plus service bays. In 2009, the burgeoning dealership was bought by private equity firm Way- zata Investment Partners, and helped grow the dealership beyond Florida. Last year, the company's revenues were $616 million, and it has grown its employees to more than 700. The growth of the company, which Following its acquisition by Andina Acquisition Corp., Tampa, Fla.-based Lazydays RV is looking to expand beyond its five locations.

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