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18 • December 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE "Instead of a single scrolling, looping sentence, now an array of messaging can be delivered to the audience. Modern LED signs display messaging with the same style as a television or print ad. Not only a more attractive display of informa- tion, but also more efficient, allowing for an increased volume of messaging." And users say that having the flex- ibility to instantly change the content makes all the difference in the world. It increases awareness, provides relevant information, and helps generate revenue all at the same time. "Content is the direct path to con- sumer engagement; it needs to be com- pelling," tells Bern. "Owners should drive their ROI, not just manage a display. Fresh, attractive messages following best practice guidelines require planning. They should brainstorm what they'd like to feature on the display for the next 12 months." Factors in Play Just like virtually anything nowadays, there are options aplenty and many fac- tors come into play. A number of features in EMCs impact performance and price. Customers have their work cut out for them before they even decide to install these signs. • Full-Color Versus One-Color—"Single- color displays are quickly losing value as full-color message centers become less expensive," says Hughes. "What used to be a 50 percent differential is now more like 20 percent. Why limit yourself to a single color over a 20 percent cost?" Of course, users will want to talk about costs when evaluating display color and other related features. Bern has a set of questions to ponder when these choices arise. "There are many things to consider when deciding between full-color ver- sus monochrome displays," she begins. "What are the signage regulations for the end-user's area? Do they want to run pictures and graphics of their ser- vices or products? Full-color displays add more impact with exceptional graphics and text. Graphics and imagery increase memory recall—make sure your cus- EMCs are useful in several settings, including convenience stores, schools and churches. (Image courtesy of ThinkSign Inc.) Today, EMC providers strive for sharper, higher-resolution images than ever before. (Image courtesy of Daktronics)

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