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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2017 • 31 Rockridge Café original hand-painted sign with visible deterioration. Painting the 158 dark blue from 1Shot (that looks black in the photo) over low-tack paint mask. Rockridge Café The original window for the café was probably hand-painted while following a paper sketch on the outside of the window. The original art would likely have been projected onto paper first to create this guide. The client still had the original printed logo so I chose to scan it and replicate it as a vector file because there were two windows with same design. This way I could cut a low-tack paint mask with an accurate outline that was very efficient to execute twice. I had an interesting time matching the original blue that I was sure had to be a stock 1Shot color. After putting samples of 155 reflex blue and 156 brilliant blue directly on the glass I wasn't satisfied until I tried the rarely used 158 dark blue. Electric Time Co. Pebble Beach clock: It was a challenge to apply Matthew's catalyzed paint for the first time in such a place! The paint was fairly easy to apply with the Brush and Roll additive. I was expecting it to be more difficult but it was similar to applying old-fashioned oil enamel. I wore gloves and wore a respirator at all times. Cleaning up with Acetone as opposed to mineral spirits was essential. There were doubtless some technical details I overlooked but the quality level was still dependent on how much time I spent scraping away the old corroded paint. Simply put, I needed to be patient and look very closely while scraping. This was a real "preparation is 60% of the job" type project. Painting the outline by hand with the same mask used for the letter body. (It looks like two color yellows with the light coming through.) The completed "hand-painted" window. "Electric Time Co. clock. Before shot after scraping prepa- ration. Restoration with Mathew's two-part paint with the Brush and Roll additive.

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