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32 • December 2017 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S MASTER'S TOUCH Regalito I measured the original sign and used a reference photo to cross-check the measurements as they aligned with the grid pattern on the wall. My build- ing painter friend who referred this job was able to provide me with a vector file of the artwork that was a close match to lettering she was going to paint over. Therefore I was able to save time by plot- ting that design onto butcher paper that I used to create a pounce pattern. The lettering was done with 1Shot Chrome Yellow that covered relatively well for fast efficient painting. Wall sign that will be completely painted over. Repaint after building was painted. Piano company sign that I originally painted 15 or so years ago. Restoration painting with the "side by side" method to avoid doing the entire background first. Kassman Pianos I opted to repaint the white and the black "side-by-side" because there was a lot of dam- age to the original art due to scraping. It would have been nice to prime the entire wall and repaint it white. If I did it that way I then would have had a debate about whether it was better to trace the entire sign or re-plot the art from scratch. It happens that the original file was lost because I subcontracted the job way back when. So I committed for better or worse to selec- tively redrawing the obscured parts as I applied the latex primer and white Benjamin Moore topcoat. The side-by- side method might not be the fastest way to do it but it kept the existing white very clean while limiting extra steps. SDG

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