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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2017 • 35 project-driven solutions. He adds that things like multi-substrate or semi- permanent displays offer higher value, greater margins, and more differentiation. "While an exceptional cutting table is required to make clean contour cuts on light and heavy substrates, there must be software to support it. Esko is fortunate enough to be able to provide a com- plete portfolio of software products like Artios CAD structural design and Studio graphic design tools for quickly creat- ing and rendering complex CAD designs. Tools like Automation Engine take those designs and make them print-ready," he explains. Folickman points out that these cut- ting marvels are helping their end users bring more projects in house. He adds that many companies are starting to laminate different sub- strates together to achieve very unique effects. "Imagine routing the substrate and exposing very different metallic reflections from the different materials. However, in order to accomplish this, you need a finishing system that has the power to make the cuts and routs cleanly." He says they have made some recent innovations in their products includ- The new VersaTech2 is bristling with tools—including a laser cutter, conventional knife cutters and a router—making it a very versatile cutter. (Image courtesy of MCT Digital and Circle Graphics) Esko's George Folickman says that customers are using ArtiosCAD and Studio software to design creative new displays and designs out of different materials that are truly unique. (Image courtesy of Esko) ing a Braille tool. "A wide variety of tools are what truly enables customers to extend their offerings and expand their businesses with the most creative use of materials and applications. The Braille tool is loaded with clear acrylic "Braille spheres" that are inserted into small holes. These holes are milled with a special bit to create raised dots that are readable with fingertips." He says the Braille tool will work on most rigid materials more than one mm thick and is used to produce signage that meets the ADA compliance guidelines. "This year, it was released for the Kongsberg C tables, meaning that all Kongsberg tables can utilize this tool." He points out that they also offer lam- inated materials via a3kW router. "The Kongsberg C tables can be configured

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