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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2017 • 39 expensive board feeding and offloading capabilities. By having the patent pend- ing dual conveyors, MCT is the only company that can automate all functions within a single system, and minimize the footprint and costs of utilizing multiple types of cutters." He adds that with these systems, shops are only limited by the custom- er's imagination. "They can also etch onto hard materials as well as cut wood, acrylic, aluminum, more and also etch onto rock and glass." Circle Graphics Installs VersaTech2 Longmont, Colorado-based Circle Graphics recently installed a VersaTech2, a 1.6 meter flatbed cutting system equipped with a laser cut, knife cut and routing system. Kevin Reynolds, vice president at Circle Graphics says the system has made a major impact in their Business Products Division providing finishing application for more than 20 product offerings in the Business Products Division. He says he's impressed with the machine and was happy with the installation. "The heavy duty yet elegant design and build style of the MCT VersaTech2 flatbed cutting system was one of the first things I noticed," he says. "The installa- tion went smoothly and the MCT techs and support people really know the machine and applications." SDG Fred Honigfort of NovaColor reports the Kongsberg table has been rock solid and is simple enough to use that they now have five different people capable of running the machine at any given timewhich is imperative in a small shop like theirs. (Image courtesy of NovaColor) Looking to prevent this? Cut & sealed with laser module Schedule your demonstration! NEW T: 414-433-0700 •Simultaneously cuts & seals edges •Designed for cutting polyester fabrics •CO2 100 W laser performance •Laser Class 1 for easy, safe handling •No more frayed edges NEW Laser Module LM 100W

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