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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2017 • 57 lar displays at the Las Vegas Design Center at the World Market Center, an off-strip hub for home furniture and décor ideas—useful in a city with so many ever-changing hotels and hotel rooms. Among his varied clients, he's had images that are only wrapped for a few weeks and then removed, and some that stay up for years. Meanwhile, in the greater Boston area, Chad Joiner, a sales associate with Framingham, Massachusetts-based ICL Imaging, says his company has also had lots of experience using 8-ounce vinyl mesh as a somewhat free-hanging surface for large-scale advertising images. Castellano's projects have also included wraps for some of the major resorts and hotels, with the entire fronts Got a client who wants the biggest image possible, covering an entire building? Absolutely gigantic wrap projects can transform an office building or hotel, with easily-removed imagery that can last for a few weeks or several years. Planning, output and installation require a special skill set, the experts suggest. or sides of multi-story buildings pro- viding a gigantic canvas for some very large-scale output and install jobs. Prep work and planning, as one can imagine, are also fundamentally important when considering a massive wrap project; a fear of heights might also not be compatible with this sort of project, he adds. "You can print as large a building as necessary," he says, "but it's all based on getting a good measurement before you start. We'll typically send a couple of guys out rappelling down the side of the building to measure the width and height. In other cities, I've seen wraps The D Las Vegas, a resort on the north end of the Strip, received a multi-story wrap, which still allows guests to see out of their windows. (Photo courtesy of Color Reflections Las Vegas)

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