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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2017 • 61 Options Within a couple weeks of install- ing the frames and banners on the first trailer, it was tagged with graffiti at a housing development site. Our customer was obviously upset and knows that we can't be responsible for vandalism. We're working to get them replacement banners at a discounted rate to keep them happy. We're in the process of designing the ads for five additional trailers so this incident brought up some new ideas for the next trailers. Since these trailers are parked in one place for a long time and are easy to access they will always be a target for graffiti. On the future trailers we're working with the customer on a design for split- ting the frame system into three sections so if they're tagged again we have the ability to just change out one section instead of the whole banner. They plan to leave the center section with their logo on all advertisements so this also gives them options to just The frame system comes in bulk or pre-cut pieces. The two-part sys- tem is made up of a base plate and top plate with the banner sand- wiched between them. Frames are a great option for surfaces that are in rough shape or have excessive rivets as the frame base allows the banner to float over the surface. Installation begins with the base frame screwed directly into the trailer. Once the bottom is attached, the sides and top are installed. Corners need to be carefully mitered. Mitered corner.

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