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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2017 • 63 We used a 13 oz. full-color printed banner material for our ads. The banner has to be at least as big as the outside dimension of the frame, and it can always be cut down if it is slightly larger than the frame. This can be done after it's hung and before the cover plate is installed. Installation The frame is a two-part system. The base plate is the first part and was attached directly to the trailer using self- tapping screws. The base plate has pre- drilled holes every 16". Once the base plate was installed all the way around the perimeter of the trailer it was time to hang the banner. The frame comes with a sticky double- sided tape that is used as an installation aid to help hold the banner in place until the top plate is installed. We first peeled off the adhesive tape across the top of the frame and started applying the banner in the top left cor- ner. Because our banner was 8' tall and 51' long, it was heavy and we wanted to pull tension as we installed it. We found it was helpful to screw the top corner of the banner into the frame to help hold it in place. This screw was removed prior to installing the top plate. The tape is pulled across the top first, then across the bottom working from the center out in each direction. We then exposed the adhesive on each vertical side one at a time, pushing the banner down from the center moving up and down toward the corners. If the banner is larger than the frame, any extra Ackland Media Frames Original Ackland Frame; "Snap-Cap" Frame Advertising Trucks Traxx "Changeable" Frame System ddi Signs truck advertising frame with PVC locking strips Easy Flip Frames nose trailer frame; box truck banner frame; trailer truck banner frame Next Level Signs vehicle graphic frames (custom sizes) Sign Plex Vehicle Banner Tracks (box trucks) Snap-On Signs banner frame system Truck Ads Truck Ads Frame Kit Billboarder Banner Framing System vinyl needs to be trimmed from the edge before the top plate is installed. The next step is to attach the top cover plate by hooking it over the base plate and banner. The outer lip of the cover plate locks over the edge of the base plate. The cover plate also has pre-drilled holes and as the screw goes through the vinyl it bores into a groove in the base plate. As the screws are tight- ened the frame layers pull together and stretch the banner taut. This self-tensioning is important and as Ackland Media explains, it "pulls the vinyl from the perimeter with significant force in order to form a smooth, seam- less, durable finish. This is important not only aesthetically, but also because trucks and trailers are notorious for com- ing into contact with tree branches and other protruding fixtures." On truck applications the last step is to seal the edges between the base plate and truck surface with caulking. The caulk helps protect against excess mois- ture and wind. The Ackland Media frames are great for trucks, buildings and walls. (Images cour- tesy of Ackland Media Frames) Truck Banner Frame Resources New Product Adding graphic frame systems to the list of products you offer is great not only for truck and trailer jobs but for a host of other applications as well. Once you're familiar with installing the product it can be just as easily offered to your customers for walls, parking structures, buildings and other areas where changeable, large- scale advertising is needed. SDG

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