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Inside the mind of a caregiver

Perspectives magazine is an annual glossy supporting the Mount Sinai Hospital Auxiliary, Mount Sinai Hospital and the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute.

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2 2 18 14 30 page 4 SHS News page 9 Your Health page 11 Discovery Corner page 35 Community Corner D M 1 7 - S H 2 2 0 1 7 1 3 1 F CHARITABLE REGISTRATION #119048106 RR0001 Mount Sinai Hospital, Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Health Complex 1001 – 522 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 1W7 Care that only a parent can provide The Family Integrated Care program that's a game-changer for vulnerable and premature babies and their parents. Triumphing over illness together Raquel and her daughter Sloane share a diagnosis, support one another, and rely on a solid network of friends, family and medical professionals to cope. Helping the dying live well page 25 Sinai Health Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Hodgson Editor Jane Rimmer Co-Editor Sara Daniels Art Director Cecilia Mok Contributors Eden Biggin Janessa Bishop Stephanie Jones Marcia Kaye John Packman Heidi Singer Annie Tong 3004 Studios A U T U M N / W I N T E R 2 017 Shifting the culture of care Sinai Health is leading the way in creating resources to ease the burden on family caregivers like Monika. Widening the circle of care When MT realized his wife had dementia, Circle of Care's Adult Day Program became a lifeline for both of them. " We want to help people live how and where they want… and live life as fully as possible." E N V I RO N M E N TA L P R I N T I N G S TA T E M E N T This magazine is printed on Rolland Opaque; a paper that contains 30% post-consumer fiber, is manufactured using renewable biogas energy, is certified FSC® and ECOLOGO 2771 By making the choice to print on Rolland Opaque instead of a virgin fiber paper we saved the following: GE N E RATE D BY: CALCULATEUR.ROLLANDINC.COM SOURCE: E NVI RON M E NTAL PAPE R N ET WORK ( E PN ) — PAPERCALCULATOR.ORG 11,484 lb of CO 2 Emissions of 4 cars per year 285,126 L of water 815 days of water consumption 3,495 kg of waste 71 waste containers 78 trees 5 tennis courts 68 GJ 316,861 60W light bulbs for one hour 15 kg of NO X Emissions of one truck during 46 days THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES MUST BE RESPECTED IN ORDER TO USE THE LOGOS ON YOUR PRINTED DOCUMENTS. ENVIRONMENTAL ATTRIBUTES AND CERTIFICATIONS TERMS OF USE ON PRINTED DOCUMENTS THE LOGOS: may only be used on Rolland certified papers must be referred to in a statement associating them with the paper, in order to confirm the objects certified (see examples below) must not be altered in any way and must remain in their original proportions must be of a sufficient size to make their text legible ATTRIBUTES AND CERTIFICATIONS BY PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS ATTRIBUTES PRODUCTS EXAMPLE 1 : PAPER 100% RECYCLE ROLLAND Printed on Rolland Enviro Print, which contains 100% post-consumer fiber, is EcoLogo, Processed Chlorine Free, Ancient Forest Friendly and FSC ® certified and is manufactured using renewable biogas energy. The mark of responsible forestry PRODUCT CERTIFIED FOR REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. VIEW SPECIFIC ATTRIBUTES EVALUATED: UL.COM/EL UL 2771 EXAMPLE 2 : PAPER 30% RECYCLE Printed on Rolland Opaque, which 30% post-consumer fiber, is EcoLogo, FSC ® certified and is manufactured renewable biogas energy. The mark of responsible forestry PRODUCT REDUCED IMPACT. ATTRIBUTES UL.COM/EL UL 2771 30% Contents

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