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24 THE SHOP JANUARY 2018 W hen it comes to a vehicle's interior, it pays to stay calm, cool and collected. Thankfully, aftermarket sound dead- ening and thermal insulation prod- ucts can help. Whether glued or sprayed on, these products can be a popular add-on sales opportunity for a variety of aftermarket upgrades, from audio systems to headers and exhaust. And many manufacturers note that once a customer drives a vehicle with sound deadening and thermal insulation improvements, they won't own another one without them. The following is some information from manufacturers on their latest offerings, as well as ideas for how shops can increase sales. Design Engineering Inc. Avon Lake, Ohio Mike Buca Brand Manager Our hottest Sound Deadening/Thermal Insulation product is … … our new D-Mat Thermal Acoustic Insulation. Its best features include … … it's ultra-lightweight and only 1/2-inch thick, yet provides outstanding perfor- mance with up to a 65-percent reduction in thermal transfer of heat. It is ideal to use under headliners, doors and firewalls. The biggest misconception regarding sound deadening and thermal insula- tion products is … … that it requires 100-percent coverage when using damping material, when 40 to 50 percent is all that's needed to get great results. Improve the drive with the latest sound deadening & thermal insulation products. 24 THE SHOP JANUARY 2018 Calm, Cool & Collected Sound deadening and thermal insulation products offer the opportunity for increased sales for shops while adding real-world value for customers. (Photo courtesy Design Engineering Inc./Boom Mat) Having the correct sound deadening and thermal insulation on hand allows you to sell a prod- uct to your customer that they will experience every time they drive. (Photo courtesy Design Engineering Inc./Boom Mat)

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