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24 • A&E JANUARY 2018 SUBLIMATION AND UV-LED FULL-COLOR SOLUTIONS By Kevin Lumberg & Sean Stewart There are so many choices these days that we really have a whole group of prod- ucts now, called drinkware. If you have not checked out the offerings in sub- limatable drinkware lately, you should take another look, because the sales of these products are exploding. You should look at adding this consistent and prof- itable line of products to your business offerings. WHAT KIND OF DRINKWARE IS AVAILABLE? The first group of drinkware is the classic ceramic coffee mug. Of course, we have the 11-ounce white mug, but now almost any size is also available. Along with different sizes, there are many different colors to choose from. Most are still white on the outside with different color interiors, but there are also different exterior colors such as pink, gold, and silver all-over colored mugs that sublimate beautifully. Along with different colors, we now also have different shapes. Of course, the sides are flat, but there are many latte-style mugs with a conical shape that are popular and that allow your customers to stand out in a crowd. Along with different shapes, drinkware now spans different materials. They are made of metals such as aluminum and stain- less steel. Stainless-steel thermal mugs have been extremely popular recently, and are available for UV-LED printing (and laser engraving with Cermark), for instance. However, they are now entering the scene in the sublimation world, and they sublimate amazingly well. Steel camping coffee mugs are available in different styles and colors. Coffee is not the only beverage being C eramic coffee mugs have always been one of the most popular sublimation products. Back when sublimation was just starting out, you could sublimate any type of mug you wanted… as long as you wanted to sublimate an 11-ounce white, regular, straight-sided coffee mug. In other words, there were not a lot of choices. What is awesome about sublimation in this day and age is that the choices are almost limitless, and it seems that new products are entering the market almost on a daily basis. Drinkware, Drinkware, Everywhere Drinkware THE PROFIT IN SUBLIMATABLE DRINKWARE ALL IMAGES COURTESY KEVIN LUMBERG AND SEAN STEWART Examples of drinkware available to today's sublimator include latte mugs, traditional mugs, and stainless-steel water bottles.

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