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January '18

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A&E JANUARY 2018 • 25 consumed by your customers, so why limit your offerings? There are glass beer glasses and steins and mason jars now available. Further, aluminum and stainless-steel water bottles have been in a high demand as more and more folks are carrying refillable water bottles with them. HOW DO YOU SUBLIMATE ALL OF THESE OPTIONS? Due to the different sizes, diameters, heights, and shapes of today's sublimat- able drinkware, you need to be more aware than ever of the ways that are available to decorate your blanks. Mug Presses Back in the day, a mug press could have a single design and accommodate the lim- ited mugs that were available. Not so much anymore. If you go the mug press route, there are multi-function mug presses avail- able that have interchangeable heating ele- ments. You can quickly switch out the press to do the different mug options, including shot glasses. Mug presses are a quick option to com- plete a mug. You can turn on the mug press, and in just a couple minutes, you will be ready to sublimate. After closing the blank mug in the press, depending on the type and size of mug, a few minutes later you will have a finished mug that you can present to your customer. The mug press is fast per each mug, but one of the weaknesses of mug presses is that since it only takes a few minutes to sublimate, it is not easy to multi-task if you have a large-quantity order. If you would like to sublimate larger quantities of drinkware, the process you should look at would be wraps in a convection oven. Sublimation the ISSUE and MORE Daily eNewsletters Weekly Products & Deals Published Monthly Shows Across America Subscribe at or call 800.870.0904

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