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January '18

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34 • A&E JANUARY 2018 ETCH MASTERS by Ruth Dobbins This was the case for some recent awards we were asked to carve for a glass art group based in Santa Fe. For some reason, it did not seem appealing to simply use glass items that can be bought ready-made when you have multiple glass blowers at hand. To produce something a little different, I collaborated with one of the glass blowers here in town, Elodie Holmes. Holmes usually blows larger pieces than what is called for, but she also has a lot of experience in blowing paperweights. The size requested for the awards was more along the lines of a paperweight, and so she set out to create the pieces. Naturally, the size of the pieces was dictated by the price the organization could spend, although when it came down to it, Holmes ended up donating the pieces to the organization. The clear glass paperweights measured about 5 inches in height and had a diameter of about 3 inches. To add interest to the glass pieces, she created some air bubbles as inclusions, which usually take on a life of their own, meaning one can never be sure how exactly they will turn out. After the paperweights were finished, I went by her studio and picked them up. It was our turn to complete the awards. PAPERWEIGHT PROJECT We really could not do anything ahead of time, knowing that each glass piece was going to be slightly different from the next. We knew we would have to make a tem- plate of the curvature of the objects, as we have done many times before. The shapes were scanned into our computer system so that Damian, our art guy, could create the layout of the text and logo. Dealing with these irregular shapes calls for printing out the desired design, then L iving in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers many positive venues when it comes to cultural and social offerings, the biggest being the huge art community. This is also true for glass: there are many glass workers in our city, which offers the opportunity to experience a variety of glass-working techniques as well as the possi- bility of collaboration when the need arises. Art Glass Awards ALL IMAGES COURTESY RUTH DOBBINS One of the specially blown paperweights with inclusions.

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