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A&E JANUARY 2018 • 49 Graphic Design bad dreams. The maddening part of this is that the solutions are nearly all simple ones, but it's the stopping and having to figure anew what had become second nature that is so frustrating. On the other hand, Corel focuses on ways to minimize hair-pulling in its recent versions, providing more intuitive and immediate ways to learn. Also, instead of continuing to add seldom-used gizmos, Corel seems focused more on developing faster and more intuitive ways of building images, trying hard to finally get the "draw" into CorelDRAW. Things I never thought possible are beginning to happen in these latest versions, some of which I will cover in this article. Picking up where we left off last time in the Toolbar, we can skip over the Zoom and Scroll tools—there's not much to report there. Next up is the Drawing tool flyout containing quite a number of drawing implements, some old, some improved, and some new. Let's run through those quickly. In the next issue, I will focus on the drawing tools that attempt to make the process feel more natural and less time consuming. FREEHAND The Freehand tool allows us to draw freely with the mouse or stylus, with the program furiously trying to keep up with all of the subtle nuances of our hands, converting our movements into properly positioned straight and curved Nodes, Adjustment Arms, and all of the accompa- nying math that makes up a vector outline. Because of this conversion, what we draw is not precisely the same as what we get. (fig 1) fig 1 fig 2

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