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50 • A&E JANUARY 2018 Graphic Design CORELDRAW FROM A TO E To draw freely, click/hold/draw, then release when finished. To draw straight lines, click and release the first point, move to a new location and click and release—a straight line will appear between the two points. If you want multiple line segments, each time you move the mouse, double click it, move to another location and repeat, and single click when you want the segmented line to end. (fig 2) You may see a slight delay between drawing and final line as the vector inter- pretation occurs, and you may see the line change slightly as a result of that interpreta- tion. Selecting the Shape tool and clicking on the line shows you all the nodes and allows you to edit the vector path that was created based on your drawing. There is a default Smoothing setting of 50% when using the Freehand tool. That setting can be changed under Tool/ Options/Toolbox/Freehand Bezier Tool in the menu bar. A setting of 0% indicates no smoothing of the vector line so that any irregularities in your hand gesture will be recorded and your line will contain a lot of nodes, accordingly. A setting of 100% will contain the fewest number of nodes and the line will least resemble what your hand recorded, sometimes a good thing. In Photo-Paint, there is no such conver- sion, so in the end it is the more natural drawing/painting program. Corel is doing a great job of trying to make CorelDRAW into a more intuitive drawing program as well. Given the vector object mechanics, that's quite a task, and I am impressed with the progress made. However, it is important to keep in mind that since the beginning of time, there have always existed two approaches to drawing: gestural and intentional. Vector paths have proven to be ideal for intentional drawing. The ultimate in intentional drawing is the rendering of let- terforms, such as the individual letters in the type you are now reading. Building such forms need endless review, revision, and bal- ance. The various types of nodes states, along with the Adjustment Arms of vector objects, have proven to be ideal for such renderings. What Corel now does is to make the program more gesture-drawing friendly. There are times when we need that in a vector path, but it is important to keep in mind that at the end of the day, a vector path is an entirely different animal than a raster (Photo-Paint) environment. Make sure you choose your weapons wisely for the task at hand. 2-POINT LINE This tool is dedicated to making straight lines only, but it does so in a slightly dif- ferent way than with the Freehand tool. Instead of the click/release/move/click/ release, the action with this tool is click/ move/release, which is faster and more direct. If you want to add a segment to an existing line, select that line and click on the desired node, drag, and release to add the new segment. (fig 3) fig 3

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