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52 • A&E JANUARY 2018 BEZIER Since I've written extensively about the Bezier tool in past articles, I will say little here other than that not much has changed regarding its use, mainly because it is so fundamental. It is 100 percent in the intentional drawing camp and 0 percent in the gestural drawing camp. It is not that intuitive in its use and takes some getting used to, but is at the heart of vector object creation and adjusting, and therefore an important tool for any CorelDRAW user to understand. ARTISTIC MEDIA In my next article, I'll go into more detail about the tools, such as this one, designed to provide CorelDRAW users with the ability to engage in more intui- tive, gesture drawing methods. This tool is sort of a Freehand tool on steroids. Instead of a set line width, there are many options available that make it possible to quickly draw strokes with many variables. We create the path with the mouse or stylus, and Corel applies the characteristics of the chosen brush type along that path. We can go back and edit that path and as we do, Corel changes the brush application accordingly. Ultimately, we can also con- vert the resulting appearance into complex vector outlines. PEN The Pen tool is a more intuitive ver- sion of the Bezier tool—the line between nodes appearing as you draw is easier to follow, and the act of drawing is a little less confusing to master. Those of you who are familiar with the Bezier tool will immediately see the differences. This tool makes the initial drawing of the vector line or outline easier. In terms of editing with the Shape tool, there is little difference, whether the lines were made with the Bezier or the Pen tool. The action for making curves with the Pen tool is to click/drag/move/click/drag/ move/click, etc., then return to double click on the last node placed when you want to stop. Alternatively, you can simply double click to create a last node; how- ever, that node will have no Adjustment Handles activated. To create straight-line segments, the action is click/move/click/move, etc., then double click to stop. At any time, you can move back and forth between curved and straight lines depending on whether you drag or not. (fig 4) B-SPLINE The B-Spline tool provides a dif- ferent approach to creating and adjusting curves. The action here is click/move/ CORELDRAW FROM A TO E fig 4 fig 5

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