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44 • January 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS A s the popularity of vehicle wraps grows, so does the number of shops offering wraps, putting a strain on profit margins as companies battle for custom- ers. This results in shops looking for ways to streamline their processes, and vehicle wrap templates are a great way to help. And thanks to a handful of companies that develop vehicle wrap templates, it is easier than ever to do a professional vehicle wrap. Vehicle templates allow a designer to go in to the computer program and actually place the designs and graphics they want on the vehicle of their choice. The client can then proof the designs on the template before the printer prints out the different pieces on vinyl, which saves time in the proofing stage as well as the ink and printer time that would be tied up with unneeded samples. Also, each template is exactly to spec. Larry Lopez, owner of Art Station Vehicle Templates in Conroe, Texas, draws all of his company's vector-based templates himself. He takes photos and measurements of new vehicles as they are released to the market and puts them together in Adobe Illustrator. If a wrap shop needs to wrap a Toyota Prius for instance, that company can pur- chase the Toyota Prius template from Lopez's company and design the neces- sary graphics on top of them. "You can use it for proofing purposes. When you go in there and look at the V E H I C L E W R A P T E M P L A T E S Using Templates to Trim Steps Software programs can streamline the proofing and design process Paula Aven Gladych is a freelance writer based in Denver. Photos courtesy of The Bad Wrap. B Y P A U L A A V E N G L A D Y C H

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