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November 2012

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ADVERTORIAL 27 LINE MARKING at Aylesbury High School John Tarry, Head Groundsman at Aylesbury High School for over 17 years, has extensive knowledge of and expertise in the maintenance of all types of sports pitches and when it comes to line marking he is a firm advocate of Supaturf machines and line marking liquids. He is particularly fond of his Supaturf Xcel spray marker, which he has now had for several years: "I think the concept of the Xcel is totally unique. It is equipped with separate tanks for the paint and water which provides the ability to alter the density of the paint whilst on the move," he said. "It means that if one pitch has had more use than the one next to it, or if there is an important fixture coming up and the lines need to be a little brighter, I can simply turn the dial to strengthen the paint. Nothing could be easier. "This unique capability also means that I have the flexibility to treat individual lines, such as the halfway lines on football pitches, which get more wear. "If I am going on holiday I don't have to double mark before I go. I just turn the Xcel dial up a little to strengthen the paint and the job's done." John is equally impressed by the development of the SupaStadia ECO line marking liquid, which can be diluted up to 1:20. "The fact that it so concentrated has reduced the size of the packaging and this has meant over 50% less storage space required. The ability to dilute the paint to a greater extent also means that I spend less down time topping up the tanks." John says he gets excellent coverage using SupaStadia ECO, with the lines produced lasting up a fortnight and even longer in dry weather. "Out of single 5 litre drum I can mark two full size football pitches, two full size hockey pitches, a mini soccer pitch and 1200 metres of training lines." During the summer John had to mark out for athletics and reverted to using his 15-year-old Supaturf TXE marker, primarily so he could make of the athletics boom attachment which marks out three lanes simultaneously. "I still use the SupaStadia ECO liquid with the TXE and while it takes a little time to mix the paint, the athletics boom does save a lot of leg work and effort. I mark out two 400 metre running tracks, both six lane, and three rounders pitches on a single drum, mixing at a ratio of 1:10." John says he has tried just about every line marking paint going. "Although we know there are some poor products out there, it I think the concept of the Xcel is totally unique " John Tarry, is fair to say there are also some very good ones. In my experience you have to do the trails and the maths yourself, no matter what the sales guys say. "I have over five hectares of marking out to do over two large sites and I don't want to spend an unnecessary amount of time marking out. When I weighed up everything that is out there, I came back to SupaStadia ECO. It provides good coverage, has proven to be reliable and provides an excellent balance between performance and cost." " Head Groundsman at Aylesbury High School

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