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February '18

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22 • A&E FEBRUARY 2018 plastic sheet material is 1/16 inch or .0625 inch gauge. 1/16-inch thick engraving plastic sheet is the standard thickness for name badges and badge holders, sig- nage, control panels, and so many more engraving applications. Slightly flexible in nature, the 1/16-inch thick materials are durable and substantial enough for demanding engraving applications. Need to cut scalloped corners or a special shape? The 1/16-inch thick sheets are easy to fab- ricate and cut with a laser or rotary system. A more durable option for engraving plastic sheet is to use the 1/8 or .125-inch thickness. Retaining the same engraveable cap layer, the big brother to the 1/16-inch sheet is ideal for signage, control panels, and applications that require a beefy sub- strate. With a total thickness of 1/8 inch, this sheet material is less flexible in nature and best for applying to flat surfaces. Cut- ting and fabricating 1/8-inch thick is a little bit more challenging but still possible using lasers, routing, or rotary engraving systems. TEXTURES, COLORS, AND PATTERNS The world of engraving plastic sheet has exploded with dozens of new flavors and continues to grow, and manufacturers use modern decorating techniques to create the products your customers need. Red, black, blue, and white are popular colors to keep in stock in your engraving shop, but there is so much more. This is where having a good distributor nearby that stocks the less popular colors such as purple haze or hot pink can get you the products your customers demand quickly. Keep plenty of the basic colors and thick- nesses in stock at your shop and keep the website handy of your favorite plastic sheet distributor to order the specialty colors. Need a custom color for a special cor- porate customer or university? Manufac- turers now offer a custom color service to get you the exact color your customer demands. Digital color matching makes Acrylic is available in many colors and patterns, including digital print. IMAGE COURTESY ROWMARK Acrylic works well when creating items such as wayfinding and ADA signage. IMAGE COURTESY INNOVATIVE PLASTICS INC. Engraving Plastic Sheet Suppliers • Rowmark Inc.: • Duets by Gemini: • Gravotech: • Trotec: • Innovative Plastics Inc.:

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