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February '18

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42 • A&E FEBRUARY 2018 A&E: When did you get your start in the awards and engraving industry? Brewer: After teaching school for a few years, I formed a partnership manufacturing metal and wooden trophy components. My partner supplied the facility and I did the sales work and managed (and actively par- ticipated in) the production. I'd go on one- week sales trips and generate a few weeks of production; I worked 12-18 hours per day while managing/producing the components. While selling, I could only work about eight hours a day, drive to the next town, and then get a couple hours at night handling sales paperwork. It was like a vacation! To be honest, I didn't have the business acumen to run all facets of a successful business, so when I had the opportunity to sell full time (F.H. Noble & Co.), I sold my share of the partnership to an outside investor and started traveling full time. From 1969-2014, I averaged slightly over four nights a week in a motel, mostly in Texas and the surrounding states with occa- sional periods of time in other parts of the country. Actually, I never planned to spend the majority of my adult life on the road; I thought, rather, "A couple more years of this and I'll do something else." A&E: Other than your partnership and F.H. Noble & Co., have you worked with any other companies before Engraving Concepts? Brewer: In the early years, I represented one company only (Bronzcraft Awards, F.H. Noble & Co., Dodge Trophies), but with Freeman Products, I was allowed to sell a non-competitive line and I added engraving equipment. AutoMark and H Square were the two engraving machines that I sold along- side the Freeman Products line. Turns out it was just more fun selling products for sev- eral thousand dollars than $.005 items (hex nuts, e.g.). So, Engraving Concepts (formerly Brewer Sales) eventually became an engraving machine distributor for AutoMark, H Square, Dahlgren, Newing-Hall, Xenetech, Roland, RMI, DCS, GoVivid, and Epilog (not all at the same time, but that was the sequence as the distributorship evolved). We recently cel- ebrated our 25th year distributing Epilog (so I guess I finally learned how to keep a job!). A&E: On average, how long were you on the road? Brewer: For all my Road Warrior years, I always tried to circle back home for the weekend. Seldom more than three to four times a year did I take a two-week trip. I would typically call on three key accounts per day for which I had sent notice of the ROAD WARRIORS Roy Brewer, Engraving Concepts When A&E put out a call for submissions for Road Warriors—the men and women who have and still do put in countless hours on the road visiting cus- tomers and building this industry into what it is today—the response we re- ceived was phenomenal. We feel these Road Warriors each deserve some recogni- tion, so throughout 2018, we are featuring these people in various issues. This month, learn a little bit about Roy Brewer with Engraving Concepts. Roy & Bill Babcock working trade show 1972

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