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44 • A&E FEBRUARY 2018 By Eric Priceman Sexual harassment is a terrible thing and it is in the front of everyone's minds today because of what we read and hear in the news, yet it is just one of a number of nega- tive issues that a business may have to deal with when it comes to potential risk expo- sure. Risk exposure is serious business and cannot be taken lightly. The consequences of overlooking this can be devastating for a business and its ownership. Along with being a business owner comes the responsibility to limit risk and ensure that the business runs smoothly. In doing so, there is a spirit of conduct that we as owners must take and impart upon our employees to follow to make sure this happens. This article is not meant to be a manual on proper conduct. We are going to make the assumption that the proper steps are being taken to have a harmonious work- place in which our colleagues treat each other respectfully and with a strong air of professionalism. Despite this mantra, it is virtually impossible to control the actions of those around us. Therefore, it is impera- tive that first and foremost we set the tone by conducting ourselves above reproach. HOW DO WE PROTECT OURSELVES? Beyond this, there are many more steps that we need to take to further this approach. First, we must watch what we say and to whom we say what to at all times. Some- times it is best to leave things unsaid. Before any announcements are made inside the company or out, make sure that you are not saying anything that has potentially libelous or slanderous implications. If there is any question as to whether a statement is appropriate or not, make sure you run it by W hat gets lost in all of the recent negative news relating to sexual harassment in the workplace is the fact that it is not just high-profile people that are susceptible to these types of issues. By "these types," I am referring to all of the potential expos- ure that we as business owners have to being sued for various reasons. Protect Yourself JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A SMALL BUSINESS, YOU'RE NOT IMMUNE… THE WORLD MARKETPLACE OF TROPHIES & AWARDS

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