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February '18

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A&E FEBRUARY 2018 • 55 the general layout was established, we began to analyze the design for blasting tech- niques and, as always, began to create sev- eral samples of the individual components so that he would know how to approach blasting the actual panel. Damian, our computer graphics guru, had to put up with all the changes we made to the design while working it out, but he was and is a good sport. THE BARN It took us a little while to work on the general design of the barn and work out how to best approach blasting it. The image itself was not very big, so we had to see how much detail to put into the design and still make it carvable without too much trouble. We worked on the broken-down roof quite a bit and debated on how to blast the barn walls; we ultimately settled on carving the main structure and then shading the door and window openings very lightly. The outer shell of the barn also got lightly shaded and not fully carved. We did experiment a bit with a texture for the torn-off shingles until Pat was happy with the result. THE WAGON As mentioned before, Pat found his wagon model right outside of our studio. In terms of blasting, we decided to mostly carve the components but also incorporate a little bit of shading for the side boards. The challenge was that the individual ele- ments were very small. In such cases, one has to remember to lower the blasting pres- sure in order to move in with the nozzle much closer than normal. This is the only way to carve out narrow, small design ele- ments without gouging out the glass. By this panel, Pat had quite a bit of experience in carving small areas and did a good job in his wagon samples. Sandcarving The drawing of the barn and wagon design showing some of the analyzing (numbering) that establishes the sequence for blasting the various stages. The covered bridge design showing the analyzed plan for the blasting sequence. Sandcarving Systems SR3000 TM Self Stick Photoresist Film 800-729-9478 3 Easy Steps Automatic Washout Systems

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