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February '18

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A&E FEBRUARY 2018 • 65 tracing). We are used to the natural drag of paper and it makes everything feel more natural. Some styluses even allow you to draw using pen or pencil on that paper while simultaneously transmitting to the computer. Being able to see your image on the paper as it is being drawn is helpful. However, lately, Corel has taken another approach. Often when we sketch, we lay down multiple light lines when trying to draw a form, then gradually darken up a selected few to finalize our outline. It's sort of like feeling your way with a pencil until you become more certain about what you want for an end product. LIVE SKETCH Live Sketch focuses on the need to either use multiple lines to work out a shape or a continuous line method where you scribble out the shape you are looking for without lifting the pen. Instead of erasing unwanted lines or darkening existing lines, Live Sketch attempts to read your mind by eliminating the extra lines or scribbles that you want to abandon, thus leaving you with a finished drawing. If that's not quite what you intended, you can select it and continue reshaping it, or using the Erase tool, erase unwanted parts. In the Properties bar, the first option is a slider to control the delay time (0-5 seconds) between the sketch and the final interpreted drawing. This is important because sketching is finding your way; it's helpful to first see your sketch lines before the final results. The next option determines the maximum distance away from your final line that you are willing to include in the final interpretation. Because you are setting that distance, you are able to include or exclude certain marks in the interpretation. This is followed by an option to reduce many lines to a single line. Selected, it encourages rough sketching using mul- Graphic Design fig 3 For Advertising Inquiries, call: 800-669-0424 advertise

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