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14 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2018 Drag Racing p.14 Student Build p.20 Performance Products p.24 Ignition Spark p.30 Sound Check p.34 FEBRUARY 2018 rag racing is a motorsports hotspot right now. Don't worry, it's not a sky-is-falling- type of hotspot. It's more like there are an awful lot of changes going on. Those changes are bound to affect the drag racing market for racers, sponsors and shops. We'll leave the day-to-day workings to those in charge, and instead take a good look at drag racing for those selling to and servicing this market. We asked inside experts for their views on challenges the market faces, outside factors affecting drag racing in general, and what the future may hold, before cir- cling around to our usual tips and tricks for shops and the latest new products. TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE Like all forms of motorsports, there are challenges to deal with in drag racing. But, we wanted to know what is the big- gest challenge shops serving the market are facing today. "Selling the correct product to the customer," says Krista Baldwin, creative director for McLeod Racing. A drag racer herself, she explains, "There are many different types of clutches and materials for the automatic transmission that are now available. You have to understand that it's more than just a horsepower number to best-suit the customer. The shops need to under- stand and relay the correct parts for any kind of upgrades." 14 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2018 Burn Out It's Better to With hard work and product knowledge, shops can win in the drag racing market. By John Carollo With more and more classes to choose from, drag racers can find a niche that's right for them. It's up to shops to know what each driver will need to go fast and stay safe. (Photo courtesy ProMedia/NMCA)

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