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6 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2018 S hows and events at shops are nothing new. We hear about them all the time, right? We reported on one a while back called Down with the Sickness—Inventory Inter- vention. Catchy name, huh? It's not just an inventory reduction, but a full-blown intervention. It happens at Street Machinery Sales and Service in Euclid, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. The shop recently completed its second edition of the Intervention and with great success—even expanding it to two days. We all hear about successful shop shows, but how many of us actually drill down to find out what makes those shows work? Using the relatively new Intervention as an example, we'll break it down to the vital elements needed to pull off such an event. WHAT'S IN A NAME? One important element is a catchy name. The reason behind the name of this show comes from the fact that Street Machinery's fearless leader, Boris Maryanovsky, has run the company for 23 years, starting from the tiniest of garages and the smallest of jobs. Along the way, Maryanovsky has refined his mad social media skills to cultivate friends and contacts all over the country. By John Carollo 6 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2018 PUTTING ON A Having completed its second installment, Street Machinery's "Down with the Sickness—Inven- tory Intervention" can be used as a blueprint on what it takes to pull off a successful show and open house. Thinking of holding an event at your shop? The 'Inventory Intervention' offers a blueprint.

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