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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 3 21 lows you to continue that change and advance further into the consciousness of others. Practice and play, and having your program talked about in an active way, not just some sort of dormant off-season state, is a good thing. There's no way this isn't anything but a positive for us." Gold and Black: The coaching carousel spins ev- ery year. How prepared do you have be come this time of year, especially when you have a hot foot- ball coach? Bobinski: "There are a lot of different perspectives on this whole circumstance, but first and foremost, do you want coaches on your staff that are attractive to oth- ers or do you not? It is a pretty fundamental question. With that dynamic with talented people in your midst, other people notice that. What occurred this year was really unique, with a concentrated number of openings in a conference (SEC) where they are highly competi- tive with one another and they have a sort of wackiness. It is something where you can't really know it unless you have been around it. It was kind of a unique year. That being said, you can't ever lose touch or lose sight of the fact that that is something that we are likely going to be involved in and will likely be involved in again. We are not going to have less success, we are going to have more as time goes by. People will notice us more, not less. What is incumbent on people in every place is to do everything you can do in your power, within the realm of possibilities, to make sure that you have provided the best environment, created the best relationships and made your coaches feel like they can accomplish their goals. They need to feel personally and professionally taken care of in an appropriate manner at your place. That's our job to do that on an ongoing basis, and I try very hard to do that." Gold and Black: For Purdue, what does that en- tail? Financial commitments? Facilities? Assistant coach compensation? Tom Campbell The attention paid to the football program was a key by-product of earning a trip to the Foster Farms Bowl.

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