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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 3 22 Bobinski: "It includes all of that. Every coach that is worth a darn wants to feel like they can compete at the highest level. To do that, there are certain things you need to check the box. There are fundamental elements that go into competing for championships. I'll say this and I think Jeff (Brohm) would 100-percent agree with me on this: Every representation and commitment we told Jeff about what we would do here at Purdue and what we thought the situation was here… I don't think there is one thing we haven't lived up to. That built tre- mendous credibility for us. "As Jeff and I develop our professional relationship (that helps), (and) I think we get along very well per- sonally, too. We are friends and colleagues. It works out very well, but that doesn't guarantee anything. Nothing is taken for granted and we have to stay sharp and know what is or isn't appropriate." Gold and Black: In Brohm's contract, it says you will sit down and meet with him about his com- pensation and staff compensation. When will you meet, and what is your goal for that? Bobinski: "It is to have an honest and forthright conversation about what is important and where there might be gaps. The interesting dynamic about this year and going forward is that there isn't much time to do that right now (on Dec. 15) because recruiting is now 100 miles per hour. He has been everywhere along with his staff, and everything is going on all over the country. Once that comes to a halt with signing day (on Dec. 20), we'll have some time to start those conversations as we prepare to go out to California. We sort of previewed it already, too, so it's not coming out of nowhere." Gold and Black: It is pretty rare and unique for a fanbase to nearly be unanimously on board with the head coach, right? Bobinski: "It is. We all understand the world of fan- dom and all its permutations, and there is rarely any unanimity on anything. If you won by 100, then people will say you should have won by 110. It is just the way it works. What we thought when Jeff came on board — that we believed he was a tremendous fit for our situa- tion and Purdue in general — that has proven itself to be as true as I could have ever hoped it would be. I never had any brilliant insight there, but it was just what my gut told me, and I think it has come to be true and he fits our persona very well. That means something to him, too. He wants to be somewhere where he feels like he is a part of the fabric. There is a good match." Gold and Black: You're on the field after games. What was it like after that Indiana game? Bobinski: "It was a very unique situation as I stood to the side and kind of watched it happen. It was like a catharsis. Years of anguish and frustration being cut loose at that very moment, with people truly enjoying themselves. It was nothing but smiles and happiness from grandpa to grandkid. It was great to see. "I was so happy for the team and our fans. It was finally something we could feel good about. Our fans were great. They came onto the field in a very orderly way and then it kind of mushroomed. There was a group and it just kept growing and growing until the field was covered." Gold and Black: What are the most immediate fa- cility needs? You'd mentioned recently that Priority No. 1 would be academic space in the Brees build- ing. Still true? Bobinski: "The general philosophy I have is that it is important to show visible progress and visible support for our football program and entire athletic landscape. The conversion of the locker room in the lower level of the Brees building into academic space will benefit our entire athletic program, but our biggest users of that fa- cility will be our football program. It will look a lot more like the folks that we compete against. There will be a first and second floor. Currently, it is really inefficient. You can't show it (to recruits) because it is not a coordi- nated and centered academic building. From a recruit- ing standpoint and from a pure functional standpoint, Tom Campbell Bobinski has a professional and personal relationship with Jeff Brohm and believes the actions taken by the department have built up credibility with the new coach.

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