January 11, 2018

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A portion of Westport's new wastewater treatment system was expected to be up and running early this week but it wasn't in time to avoid at least some hauling of effluent to Smiths Falls. Selectra, the contractor installing the filter bed, informed the village Mon- day that they planned to have two of four filter beds in operation by Tues- day but they would need to have three in operation to keep ahead of current inflows. "They are very close, they expect, by the end of the month, all filter beds will be up and running," Mayor Robin Jones said at Monday night's regular council meeting. Instead of looking at a bill in the hundreds of thousands, similar to two of the last three winters, this time around the cost will be $2,000 plus $3,540 per 400 cubic metres hauled to Smiths Falls – and Selectra is responsible for the costs. The system was to be up and running November 20. The contract requires Rideau Lakes council will need to make a deci- sion in the next weeks on who will be administering naloxone kits within the township. The drug is an antidote which can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose of commonly use opioids such as fentanyl, heroin, methadone, morphine and oxycodone. Last month Rideau Lakes postponed a deci- sion to allow its first responders, volunteer fire- fighters, to administer the kits which will be avail- able to the service next month Firefighters respond to medical emergencies if the response time of an ambu- lance is deemed to be too lengthy, something which is a more frequent occur- rence farther from the cen- tre of the counties. "A lot of issues have to be decided on. This should be a paramedic situation and not a volunteer situa- tion. Council would have to pass a motion that we agreed to it," said Mayor Ron Holman "I m not suggesting one iota this shouldn't be pro- vided. It's who should provide it," said the mayor Thursday, January 11, 2018 Serving North Leeds and area since 1893 Vol. 127, No. 1 $1incl. tax By Margaret Brand The Review-Mirror Twenty years after amalgamation veteran North Leeds politicians aren't looking back with nostalgia to the days before five municipalities joined to become the Township of Rideau Lakes. On January 1 the municipality was born after months of negotia- tions to hammer out a union between Bastard and South Burgess, New- boro, North Crosby, South Crosby and South Elms- ley. "It was a big change but it was well worth it with the changes which were coming down from the government. It was a big change but in my eyes it was a change we really didn't have a choice over," said Rideau Lakes coun- cillor Ron Pollard. The former North Cros- by reeve was part of nego- tiations leading up to the union but it wasn't until the new township's second term in the fall of 2000 that Pollard joined the amalgamated council along with Mayor Ron Holman, the last reeve of South Elmsley. South Crosby Council- lor Linda Carr remembers the early days of amalga- mation as tough times, beginning with the Ice Storm in January 1998. "We had to bring every- thing together. Everyone had a different take on what was in place. Each one had a different way of doing roads. It was nit- picking, but we got over it," said Carr. "There was a bigger pot of money which had to be split. Everyone was afraid they weren't getting their share. This marriage took place but we worked everything out," said the South Crosby representa- tive. "Each amalgamated 20 years after amalgamation, politicians not looking back 75 units from 6'x6' to 12'x36' Easy year round access right in Westport 75 units from 6'x6' to 12'x36' Easy year round access right in Westport 75 units from 6'x6' to 12'x36' Easy year round access right in Westport 75 units from 6'x6' to 12'x36' Easy year round access right in Westport Soho's Self Storage Soho's Self Storage Soho's Self Storage Soho's Self Storage Soho's Self Storage 75 units from 6'x6' to 12'x36' Easy year round access right in Westport 43 Bedford St., Westport 613-273-8848 Mirror The Review Westport's new wastewater system slowly coming to life Canada Post Contract No. 40021501 Skate the Lake volunteer Ken Maxwell was putting the finishing touches to a road side display drawing the atten- tion of motorists passing through Portland on Hwy 15 to next month's Skate the Lake event taking place on Fam- ily Day weekend February 17 and 18. •Continued on page 3 •Continued on back page •Continued on page 3 January Special NO PAYMENTS FOR 6 MONTHS... 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