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22 • February 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE advantageous is with a shorter-than- usual viewing distance and for display- ing complex, high-resolution content." For a more specific example of an application, Heberlein offers that "cur- rently, the biggest push for 4K signage is in retail applications, especially in jewelry stores and high-end clothing retailers. The high resolution draws the viewer in and creates the emotional response that marketing teams look for." The reason for the popularity of 4 K in these situations goes back to resolu- tion—the ability to pack more pixels into an image. "All those available pixels per inch smooth text on the screen and deliver granular levels of detail," explains Pratt. "When a person is close to a standard H D , individual pixels and the gaps between them can be seen. However, this doesn't occur with 4K." Both Pratt and Heberlein agree that these details are helpful with applications such as mapping where a screen can be zoomed in—or even with including aerial footage or satellite images. "It's also ideal for showing complex seamless systems, such as subway lines, power grids, and pipe lines, as well as television broadcasts and high-resolution screening rooms," Pratt says. Retail locations are perfect places to include 4K high-resolution technology. (Image courtesy of Planar) (Images courtesy of Planar)

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