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46 • February 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S DIGITAL PRINTING AND FINISHING DIGITAL GRAPHICS Choose the Move tool. Press the left arrow key eight times (for a 300ppi image). The red and blue channels are revealed (see Figure 10). Look though the 3D glasses (be sure the red filter covers your right eye). The image has receded into the picture plane. Press the arrow more and it will move further back, but not too much otherwise the image will double and the effect will be lost. Go to the Layers menu and choose Layer Mask > Reveal All. Choose black as a foreground color and carefully paint out the red and blue areas on the front most regions of the image. The depth of those areas returns to the picture plane creat- ing two levels of depth (see Figures 11A and 11B). This process can be repeated using multiple layers for multiple levels of depth as in Figure 12. Continuous Depth This effect creates a 3D image that deepens continuously as it recedes in the picture plane. It uses an alpha channel with a gradient to control the application of the Offset Filter to the red channel. Open an image. Follow steps 1 through 3 in the previous 3 D numbered step list. In the Channels panel, click the Create New Channel icon. A new empty alpha channel appears in the stack named Alpha1. Click it to target it. Press the D key to set the foreground and background color, so they default to black and white. Choose the Gradient tool from the Tools panel. Drag the gradient in the direction of the depth to apply a black and white gradient to the alpha channel. The black should start on the part of the image that will be closest to the viewer (see Figure 13). Press the Cmnd/Cntrl key and click on the Alpha1 thumbnail to load the selection. A selection marquee now cov- ers approximately half of the image (but the entire image is selected). Click the red channel in the channels panel. Choose Filter > Other > Offset to display the Offset dialog box (see Figure 14). Figure 9: Double click the red layer to dis- play the layer Styles dialog box. Click the (red) R Channel box to uncheck it. Figure 10: Choose the Move tool. Press the left arrow key eight times. The red and blue channels are revealed, and the image moves back into the picture plane. Figure 11: Carefully paint offset areas on the layer mask of the front most regions of the image to return the areas to the picture plane.

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