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"We had high expectations—too high, we thought—and we were completely blown away by the scope and aspirations that Mark and his crew came to the table with," Hall says. The brewery is also partnering with social media and local meal vendors, so Husky Signs built in some advertising space on the van. "Ultimately designing it was very sim- ple. We went through two revisions and pretty much nailed it out of the gate with some small changes on the back end," Johnson says. Two things differentiate 3 M's new 780 reflective material from its 5100 and 680 series of reflective vinyl. With the older reflective materials, "you pretty much had to be directly in front of the reflec- tivity to see the benefit of the reflectiv- ity," says Johnson. "With the new 780 series, you can step to the left and right, quite a bit away and look at the reflective material at several angles and still see and appreciate the reflectivity of it." The other great attribute of it is that it is wrappable. "You can wrap over convex and con- cave shapes. Unlike other reflective materials which were relegated to flat or very minor curved areas, this new mate- rial is truly conformable and wrappable to compound curves," he says. It also will "heal the bruising" that used to occur if someone attempted to reposition the reflective material. Repositioning can damage the crystals in the reflective layer to a point where they will no longer reflect, he says. With this new vinyl, if you end up with a bruise, you can heat out the bruising. "You can heal the reflective elements to bring it back to its original shape. It makes the bruising element disappear," Johnson says. "It's a lot more forgiving during the installation process." To wrap the brewery's van, Husky Signs used multiple layers. The base layer S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • February 2018 • 49

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