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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • February 2018 • 55 to keep coming back. More specifically, we offer add-ons, such as engraving a special message on the back side or maybe including a separate engraved personal message on a wood card. We offer specials where a customer can buy an additional product at a discount when combined with another order." JDS Industries of Sioux Falls, N.D., offers a huge catalog of customizable gifts that can be used by any sign and digital graphics or awards and trophies shop that wants to enter the engraving business. Its two most popular items are stainless steel vacuum-insulated tum- blers called Polar Camels, and laserable leatherette, a leather-like coating that can be placed on just about anything from portfolios to keychains. Tom Leitheiser, fabrication manager at JDS Industries, says that to successfully engrave on uncoated metal, shops need to apply CerMark Metal Marking Spray to the surface. This coating leaves a black mark on the surface of the metal when it is hit with a laser. The leftover mark- ing spray can wash off easily with soap and water, leaving the custom engraving behind. The coating can be added to stainless steel, aluminum, brass, nickel, glass and copper. The biggest breakthrough with ■ Effortlessly Switch Between CO 2 & Fiber ■ CO 2 & Fiber Lasers Hybridized in One Laser System ■ Economical & Versa�le Tool for Meta and Organic Materials ■ Real One Touch Auto Focus Finding Feb. 21 ~ 23, Booth # 2001 APA Las Vegas APA Las Vegas NEW DRINKWARE JPPLUS.COM • 1-800-869-7800 Our newly expanded line of trending drinkware & accessories are now available on JPPLUS.COM. Explore our fresh, sophisticated product offerings that raise the bar for drinkware. Be a part of the new wave, and order today!

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