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February '18

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • February 2018 • 61 The Tag Line Most people and organizations focus on a name and a logo as their primary pieces of branding. I would add a good tag line to the list. All three contribute to how well a business, service, or brand is perceived, received, and experienced in the marketplace. The tag line provides the platform to be creative and expand the breadth of the brand. Keep it simple. Make it fun. Like GEICO: "Even a cave- man can do it." The Logo A logo can be more memorable than a name. That's because often things visual can be more powerful or have more impact than just words read or heard. A lot goes into creating an effective logo including the right choices of colors and shapes that help define and properly por- tray the brand. Divisions To help grow our business, we branded all our services separately but under one common theme and tag line; More Than Signs, We Build Impressions. Each segment of our business became its own unique brand with an individual name and logo; one for signs, one for custom fabrication, and one for printed graphics. By doing this, you get more purposeful in the market, and the mar- ket gets to know your specialties, which in turn leads to growing sales. Associations Networking and connecting to develop your contacts and clients is important. I fully believe and endorse getting involved with your trade asso- ciations. But think about others that provide you a channel into niche or tar- geted markets. An example would be the AIA, the Architect's Institute of America. Because we had an architectural fabri- cation division, becoming involved with AIA helped us gain access to architects and the construction trades that would buy our products. Clientele We all want and need clients. Our customers become conduits to ongoing projects and jobs. Not all clients are good ones, though. It helps when in the mood to capture more clients that you take time to figure out the type or specific client you want, then tailor your efforts so they are aimed right at them. At one time, I wanted some multi family housing accounts. By focusing time and resources, I found the means and processes that allowed us to enter into that particular industry, then get the work we wanted. Exhibiting Trade shows, events, seminars and conferences are great places to meet people and cultivate opportunities. It's one thing to attend them. It's another to sponsor them. But by exhibiting, you get to the heart of developing new relation- ships or strengthening them. Again, the practice of premeditating and planning can pay off by picking unique places to exhibit where you have less competition in the room. We repeatedly setup to showcase our company to school admin- istrators and managers of facilities and properties, who all buy signs. Presenting Even better than exhibiting is pre- senting. Why? As the presenter, you become the expert. But this takes expe- rience and practice to pull it off. It often requires a bit of aggressiveness and assertiveness because you might have

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