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62 • February 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S to go out and sell yourself in order to land these opportunities. Invitations to present don't just land in your lap. But once you do one, and do it well, word and reputation travels, thus making the next one easier. Presenting lets you share what you know with a captive audience. With proper planning, it can be fun and rewarding while also bringing new leads to your company. Hosting Hosting an event has a similar effect on growth as presenting but elevates the status of your entire organization up a few more notches. Not only are people attending an event, but its your event. Whenever technology was on the verge of significantly impacting the sign and graphics industry, we would proactively put together open events or events by invite where attendees would be enter- tained, enlightened, and educated. We would co-host these events with cho- sen vendors who would expertly show and tell about LEDs, EMCs, substrates, techniques and products. We would then position ourselves as the resource and means of obtaining those things, and we'd make you want those things. Why? Because they built impressions. Communicating Communication builds impressions. How you communicate, what you com- municate, where you communicate, to whom you communicate—all these must be considered when you cackle and bring attention to your business. I'm a firm advocate of communication in all its forms. In our 25 years in the signs and graphics business, we've been on TV, on radio, in printed ads and submitted sto- ries to the local papers. We developed a blog, a quarterly news letter, email cam- paigns and published books. As you see, I still write articles, too. Awards Sometimes, and its nice when it hap- pens, you or your business get recognized or receive a well deserved award of some kind. But most of the time, at least from my experience, the time silently flies right by and takes any sort of award with it. Years of hard work can go unnoticed. That might be acceptable for the codfish, but not for the homely hen. She creates a reason to make herself prized. She takes matters into her own hands (if she had them). I've learned from her. Our com- pany has received several awards over the years that have come about because we took initiative to nominate ourselves or that allowed us to become involved in something meaningful that resulted in recognition. I once wrote our success story to find it selected as a company of the year where I was able to take our staff to a nice dinner and stand on a stage as the sponsoring entity told our story and gave us an award. The award then becomes a marketing and advertising vehicle. Conclusion You want to build impressions better than your competition. You need to build the right kinds of impressions that bring attention where you want it. Knowing where is a first step. Once you know, its time to honk the horn, make noise, and cackle—creatively. Branding goes hand in hand with growing a business and increasing sales. It takes a process that involves patience and persistence. But it pays off in many ways. Hopefully some of the ideas presented here will help you define and determine what to do, then cackle about it. SDG Scott Franko is a solutions provider for busi- ness, brand and image through his firm, Franko Design Concepts and Consulting. He formerly owned and operated a multi- division sign, graphics and custom fabrica- tion business. You can locate and contact him online at Building Your Impressions C O N T I N U E D Sign & Digital Graphics MARKETPLACE 74 • January 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 8 BRAILLE YOUR AD CAN GO HERE! 800-669-0424 x297 or email GET THE WORD OUT! Contact by calling 800-669-0424 x297 or email Marketplace ( 8 0 0 ) 6 6 9 - 0 4 2 4 BANNER FRAMES DIGITAL PRINTING BRAILLE SOFTWARE DISPLAYS BANNERS Easy to use Windows & MAC compatible Translate into over 150 languages Includes fonts for ADA, California, EU Pharma and more signage requirements Duxbury Braille Translator SOFTWARE FOR BRAILLE SIGNAGE • 1-978-692-3000 Free Demo! CONSULTING SERVICES 1 Day Turnaround on most orders No Minimum phone: 919-661-5801 email: website: BANNER PRINTING 8 mil Gloss Posters - $1.25 sq/ft 4 year intermediate adhesive vinyl - $2.00 sq/ft Avery Cast Vehicle Wrap Vinyl with lamination - $4.00 sq/ft 48" x 96" Full Color Printed Coroplast Sheets - $25.00 each (minimum order 10 sheets) Laminated 30 mil. magetic signs - $5.00 sq/ft 15 oz Backlit Flex Faces (Printed Both Sides) - $3.50 sq/ft Wholesale Digital Printing Now Printing 16' Wide Seamless Up to 1,000 dpi High Definition / White Ink Printing / 3M MCS Warranty 3M IJ180cV3 with 8518 Laminate as low as $3.00 sq/ft WIDEST RANGE OF EXHIBITS & DISPLAYS New Illuminated Collapsible Display! CHECK OUT OUR NEW DISPLAYS! SBJANMarketplace.indd 74 12/14/17 1:16 PM Contact Diane Gilbert at 800-669-0424 x297 A low-cost solution to gain attention for your company.

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