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68 • February 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL Once the pieces were on site, they were too heavy to use BSC Custom's cranes, so the company hired out a large construction crane company to lift the pieces into place. The two top leaves weighed about 5,700 pounds each, and each structure, including the center poles, weighed about 11,000 pounds. BSC Custom's crews bolted the leaves into place. The main structures were bolted to the foundation, and the leaves were bolted to the pole. "We, one at a time, slid down the leaves and bolted them to match the plates that are part of the trunk," Dobie says. "The leaves had plates welded to the structure and were matched to the plates on the trunk. Once it was all bolted together, then we had a little paint touch-up, because it's pretty hard to move a heavy struc- ture like that without scuffing up the paint." Once completed, the sculpture immediately brought people to the park and to the develop- ment, Dobie says. "It's very pretty to look at and doing its job of attracting people to the development," Dobie says. "It has become a real talking point in Littleton. Nobody has seen anything like it." Conclusion The sculpture also got noticed by the sign community and received the World Sign Associates' "Best in Show" award at the annual convention in Seattle in September. "Although we're very proud of the project, it had a very steep learning curve. Anything as complicated as this is very difficult to estimate, particularly labor. Without our experienced designers, fabricators and installers, it would have been impossible," Dobie says. "We learned a lot from this project and are looking forward to our next challenge." SDG Components of the leaf sculpture. BSC Custom crewmembers help install the leaf sculpture. The two leaf elements being installed in Littleton, Colorado, as part of the Littleton Village Outdoor Art Project, was created and installed by BSC Custom in Broomfield, Colorado.

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